Skull Base Surgery & Neurorhinology Course

Course Faculty

Shahzada Ahmed, UK
Consultant ENT & Skull Base Surgery Birmingham, Midlands, UK

Alessandro Paluzzi, UK
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Date & Venue

Date →

Saturday 22nd of October, 2016

Venue →

Main Campus of the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine – ENT outpatient building

Course Objective

teach Skull Base Surgery and Neurorhinologic procedures to physicians

Course Program Highlights

Hands on dissection of fresh frozen cadavers by a team of ENT surgeon and a Neurosurgeon performing:

  • Sphenoidotomy–identify the ICA, optic nerve and pituitary fossa
  • Exposure of the pituitary gland
  • Endoscopic Approach to the Clivus
  • Endoscopic Approach to the pterygopalatine and infra temporal fossae
  • Endoscopic Craniofacial Resection
Course Registration Fee

Hands on + Lectures →

5000 EGP (very limited slots)

Observing demonstration dissection + Attending Lectures →

500 EGP

Methods of Payment
  1. Cash at the secretary desk at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  2. Cheque: payable to جمعية الأسكندرية لأمراض الأنف و الجيوب الأنفية

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