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Truth Social Waitlist. The message also read, thank you for joining! And, like everyone but a few hundred lucky vips, i got put on a waitlist.

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News you will read no place else. Truth social also has no clear communication about how fast the waitlist is moving. It's unclear how many users have been accepted onto the platform since the app actually launched.

It's Unclear How Many Users Have Been Accepted Onto The Platform Since The App Actually Launched.

Why does truth social have a waitlist? Although the app immediately shot up in popularity, many users reported that they were having trouble signing up, or that they had been put on a waitlist and given this message: It’s not donald trump’s moment of truth.

However, Weeks Later, Truth Social Decided To Open The Door And Grant Me Access To Its Brand New Free Speech Social.

Nine days later, most of us remain on that waitlist, with our number unchanged and without a word of communication from the company. Instead, they're placed on a waitlist. Once a user was asked to create an account with the app and enter a username and personal information, such as date of birth, the app led users to another waitlist, where they still couldn’t.

And, Like Everyone But A Few Hundred Lucky Vips, I Got Put On A Waitlist.

Also boomers truth social waitlist check in. An attempt to make an account by on tuesday morning resulted in being placed 372,378th on truth social's waitlist reports now say that wait list is. Truth social started accepting around 500 beta users via invite last week.

But Your Waitlist Number Is Below.

After downloading the app and entering all of your account info, users don't actually get to use truth social. News you will read no place else. The message also read, thank you for joining!

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Truth social sent waitlisted users an update on monday, saying it is “steadily welcoming new users” in a “phased rollout.” but the message did not include a. Donald trump’s social media app truth social launched in apple’s app store monday at midnight, but still wasn’t fully available for use to all accounts. As of this writing, truth social has fallen to no.

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