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Academy Glintstone Key Second. The key is located inside the church of the cuckoo. With the second glintstone key in hand, you can return to sorcerer thops.

Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 9) Academy
Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 9) Academy from

Drop down and defeat all of them. The key is located inside the church of the cuckoo. His body will have thops barrier, academy glintstone staff and thops's bell bearing.

Where Is The Second Glintstone Key?

Given it's found on a corpse hanging from a chandelier, players need to find a way up there, such as via the rooftops. Drop a ladder from the upper level of the church of cuckoo for easy access to this area with this in hand. Take the bearing to the twin maiden husks at the roundtable hold to unlock his inventory.

His Body Will Have Thops Barrier, Academy Glintstone Staff And Thops's Bell Bearing.

Where it was resting, head into the alcove behind and quickly loot the sorcerer's corpse behind where the dragon was sitting for the first glintstone key.then return to the south raya lucaria gate and look at how to complete the academy of raya lucaria. Azur's glintstone staff location in elden ring how to get azur's glintst. You will find several items here, but the most important one is the academy glintstone key.

Drop Down And Defeat All Of Them.

Ride in with torrent and then disturb glintstone dragon smarag and bait it out of the way. Academy glintstone key key to open the academy's two sealed gates.key items in elden ring include a wide variety of items found in specific locations or are given by a related npcs which are used to unlock areas, quests, and to further progress the game's story. Carefully drop to the chandelier to get the second academy glintstone key.

If You Looted The Meeting Place Map From The Corpse Just In Front Of The Academy Gate, This Map Will Also Point You To The Same Location.

Kenneth williams • march 2, 2022 6:13 pm elden ring the glintstone key in elden ring grants access to raya lucaria, the second location on any tarnished’s journey to restore the elden ring. If you give him the key he leaves and is no longer available as a merchant, but just loot his body at the schoolhouse classroom site of grace within raya lucaria academy. Carian knight's sword location in elden ring how to get carian knight's.

Second Glintstone Key After Defeating The Red Wolf Of Radagon , You'll Find Yourself In A Courtyard With A Fountain In The Middle And The Iron Ball Trap Staircase To The Right.

Second academy glintstone key one other thing to note is that there is a second academy glintstone key you can get in the academy itself. To reach the chandelier, you will need to scale across the rooftops of the academy from the courtyard. Key to the seals binding both gates to the academy of raya lucaria.

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